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Not all games you make are going to be a success unless you are simply perfect and no one is. One example of this for me is Battle Egg. The game was one of my worse flops after release. It didn't get sponsored for any money and made only $100 in ads over a year or so. When you work on a game for a long time it's important to step back and try look at it from a different point of view. Will others like what you just made? or is it only fun because YOU made it. This is a hard thing to get past, everything you do will always seem better to you then others because you know all the work behind it, you get emotionally attached so to speak, so it's best to try take a step back from that.

After a few months when you've cleared your head of the making of the game it's easier to judge. I made the art a little too messy and un-polished. The upgrade screen was way too simple and needed more upgrades and the UI was not nice to look at. The gameplay and idea I still thought was good but I badly executed it. The game was also too short. These mistakes are good reminders though to look at and learn from. I learn more from my mistakes more than I do from success usually. Designing is a tricky subject because you may think you are being unique and adding a ground breaking mechanic only to find most people don't like it even if it is new.

Overall don't get down about bad projects you release, just think of them as learning hurdles to get past.

Battle Egg Menu

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Throwing Engine

Heres a click, drag and throw engine I made. I also put in some planes that you can throw objects at and destroy if it's traveling above a certain speed. I think this could make a great game in a lot of different ways. Use it to learn from and make your own little throwing game!

Click below to play. Click and drag objects to throw.

Download the .fla file here

Flash Click Drag Engine

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Indie Game The Movie

A great movie I watched recently was Indie Game The Movie recommended to me by Marty. I highly recommend watching it to see a sort of different side of game making. The maker of Fez has a really rough time with lawsuits and the whole process in general. He ends up quitting game making after the 4 year development of Fez. It goes to show that sometimes it can be very rough and stressful dealing with it financially. It's definitely worth a watch, also has great success as well like Edmund's game Meat Boy.

Indie Game The Movie

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Sidescroller Shooter Engine

Heres a sidescrolling shooter engine I coded that you may use to learn from. It has a basic platform engine and various weapons. It uses basic trigonometry to calculate the angle to shoot the bullets. The last weapon is a laser tripwire which is pretty cool, I haven't even used that in a game yet. Feel free to edit and modify the code as you wish. Just don't use the graphics in any released projects. Hope this is helpful for you to make your own game.

Have a go at the editor here - WASD to move in test. Number keys to select Weapon. Mouse to shoot.
(Has Sound Effects)

Download the .fla file here

Flash Shooting Engine

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