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Bounce Madness Released

New game out finally called Bounce Madness It's a bit of a twist on pong in a way. Nice and simple high scores game :)

Bounce Madness

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Time Sphere Released

Time Sphere is out! play it :D...OR DIE. Whichever you want. I did the graphics for it myself mostly, which is why they may seem a bit different and not as good. I'm not a great artist so I tried a textured method. I'm happy with the gritty look of it overall, but I probably won't do the style again as some people still didn't like it, but oh well, it's great to try new things.

If only the gun existed in real life. I could keep the Mi Goreng in my cupboards from expiring for years!

Time Sphere

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Last Egg Alive Released

Last Egg Alive is now out, BAM! OH YEAH. This will be the last egg game I do for a while. It turned out really good. Simple, cute and addictive. It's nice doing games like this instead of mass levels. I might try do a bit more soon.

1 box,
2 box
3 box

Last Egg Alive

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Battle Egg Released

Well I released my new game Battle Egg finally! Was lets say..a bad egg of the year. Lots of people didn't like it and I couldn't get it sponsored so kinda was a waste of money. I focused too much on making it gimmicky I guess and the gameplay didn't go so well. Oh well I've learnt from it and will improve. I'm just glad to finally have it out before the end of the year after all the mucking around.

My next game is also an Egg game, coming very soon!

Also, happy new years. Hopefully a new year will bring much much more work and excitement and more variations in jelly cups.

Battle Egg

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