Things that make me wonder at work

- A grandma calling me a nice young looking man
- Woman buying condoms, lube and 1 banana
- Why the store has “orange crush” and “crush orange” as separate drinks
- A girl asking if I was 13
- Someone buying $300 worth of chocolate
- People that winge about me packing carefully then throwing there bag into the trolley
- Chinese people DO always buy coke and noodles. It’s not just a rumour
- People that will glare at me when I say hello, but cheerfully say goodbye
- People in there 40’s saying they’ve never used a EFTPOS machine before
- How long it would take to kill my customer with a green bag
- People that actually think I CARE why there buying something
- A manager offering me more hours as a reward for working harder…

Permalink Posted in Old Work by Eggy on Sep 1, 2009