Fight Over Your Mum Jokes

So went out drinking after not going out for ages, and the night was fairly crap i’d say cept for 2 events. So angry though, the pubs stopped selling jager bombs. Now i’ll have to find something else to easily get drunk on…

So was in the nightclub and this girl jumps on the rail and leans over hugging my friend and swinging back and forth over rail. I’m just thinking…don’t fall.. then she grabs my drink and makes one of them girly “WOOO” screams. Then she falls off the rail onto her back and smashs my drink. I know what you’re thinking, just like me, I was appalled and saddened at my drink being smashed!

So we get hungry and head to the kebab shop, and outside is this guy yelling your mum jokes at this guy, and he’s taking it hell seriously till he starts yelling back. Then the guy gets to angry and punches him in the face, and some haymaker punches break out. The guy who was saying the your mum jokes is easily winning hitting the guy to the ground. Then the guy whos losing gets up and walks over and is like oh man, I’m sorry yeah bro and holds out his hand to shake it. The guy says “WHAT THE FUCK, YOU FUCKING MORON” then punches him in the face again. The guy then runs at him and he gets pushed back and falls over, then he decides to give up and leave.

Rest of the night was sitting outside kebab shop eating kebab while the workers of the kebab shop talk about the cool fight. Making POW noises.

Quite amusing I spose.

Permalink Posted in Drunken Stories by Eggy on Sep 1, 2009