Shoe Escapade

Night started out as a game of Text hold-em poker with friends. We were each betting $30. I LOST T_T, but it was fun. During this I drank 5 can of UDL’s then we went to the nightclub.

At the nightclub I have 3 shots of “Orgasm” and 1 shot of “Afterburner” and I drink 2 smirnoff cruisers. Yep…wayyy past my limit now, I regret it. The mistake was having all the shots really close together. i didn’t do much to be honest. I’m really sick of nightclubs now I’ve realised. The drunk part is fun and the stories to tell afterwards, but the other 90% is just dancing and trying to get a girl which I’m terrible at normally let alone in a nightclub. My best assets are being funny, and in a nightclub with blaring music…you really can’t make decent conversation by shouting in someones ear.

So all your left with is your looks and your dancing skills. Yeah, I’m pretty much fucked then :)

Then all the shots kick in and I decide to leave, this is where things get hazy and my friend fills me in about later. I try to leave and they wouldn’t let me leave with the drink I had in my hand, and so I did the only logical thing to do. Yes that’s right I laughed at them and ran past them. So now I have a glass I don’t need….So I just throw it away somewhere.

I get a kebab and I’m so drunk that my friend gets a taxi for me and on the way home. I THINK I threw up, or i spilt kebab everywhere and he kicked me out. I had to walk the rest of the way which was like 30minutes. Got home and I couldn’t open the door, so I just bang on the door and sit down till my mum answers. Oops!

While I throw up a lot in the toilet. Mum asks where my shoes are, I tell her. I DON’T NEED NO SHOES FOR DANCIN! then sleep.

I wake up in the morning and yes my shoes are gone to my bewilderment and also my wallet….great.

Luckily my mums bf accidently found my shoes a few streets down on someones lawn, and my wallet in the letter box…I have no idea what my drunken self was thinking at the time. But I’m sure he had a perfectly good explanation.

I think I’ll have a break from going out…

Permalink Posted in Drunken Stories by Eggy on Sep 1, 2009