My Birthday

Woo I’m now 19. One more year of being an angsty angry out of control teenager, than I become a frickin’…adult..with…”responsibilities” Oh god. How horrible, what a cruel world.

My birthday was pretty crap really. 2 of my friends didn’t wanna come out cause they were going to a girls birthday the next day and didn’t wanna be tired. Gee thanks. The other 2 didn’t drink, and my other friend drank so much that he passed out before we even left, I tried to drag him out, but well, he wouldn’t have been very talkative.

Forgot my ID, so luckily I managed to quickly run in behind a huge group of people, did crap all in pub, told people it was my birthday just to get free drinks so I at least got something good there.

Went to nightclub. Danced Stupidly. Then I got bored….So i decided to entertain myself by standing up on the top rail above the dance floor and lean down and scruffled girls hair, so there hair got messy. They got really angry at this. I smiled.

Got bored, walked home alone with nothing but a delicious kebab.

Got to my room, threw up on the carpet and fell asleep. Oh yes, I am now 19.

Permalink Posted in Drunken Stories by Eggy on Sep 1, 2009