Leavers is the week of celebration for kids that leave high school, its all about partying and getting drunk.

The highlights of leavers

- A guy skulling a bottle of jim bean and then going to hospital
- A guy screaming pigs at passing police and being put in back of padywagon
- Taylor and Wazza having a skulling comp, Wazza then stopping ad jet puking
- Drew drunk at lunch screaming, being drunk in the day is awesome!!! about 999 times..
- Later on Drew half- passed out rolling on the ground screaming at anyone that said his name
- Me telling the christians i didn’t have alcohol mixed in my fanta, then 2 hours later
puking up in there tenta before passing out
- Wazza stealing beers while the guy is watching and telling us to run
- Wazza trying to steal a strobe light right in front of the people
- Wazza trying to steal a inflateable pool
- Wazza punching stampy in the face, then stampy and taylor egging and toilet paper over
his car
- The state of our campsite at the end of every night….
- On the last night just falling asleep in the middle of party cause i was so tired
- Almost getting in fight with a guy cause I told him to change the music from rap to
something better
- A guy getting stabbed in the leg with a cricket wicket
- A guy breaking his collar playing cricket
- Stampy so drunk he told Stevie to suck his dick, and trying to jump on her
- Taylor putting tomato sauce in the shape of a dick on his sunburnt back while he’s passed out
- Michael leading an entire 500 people rampaging around screaming
- Me coming fucking 2nd in a random game of Uno that I can’t remember how i got there
- Drew sending girls into the guys bathroom while I was trying to pee and them all flocking
in and looking at me peeing
- Over the course of leavers drinking 3 bottles of vodka, 1 bottle of rum and other random stuff
- A girl telling me I looked fucking 13, grrr..
- Guys trying to sell me drugs with no good reasons at all
- The amount of people that tried to steal out fluro lights while walking
- Waking up to the sound of Michael dry retching was always pleasent
- Me and Drew talking to 2 girls in there cabin then their friend coming back screaming at us to get out, i refuse out of spite, more screaming, till I give up and leave.
- Wazza asking me to sweet talk the girl giving out pancakes so he can get more…
- 2 nights I just dont have any recollection of at all…

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