The Infection Released

The Infection is now out, now it's out I'll be getting my site redesign done :) In The Infection was basically made in 2 weeks straight by me and Drew. It was pretty fun yet so tiring at the same time. He brought his computer to my room and we just went at it working all nighters and surviving off junk food and caffiene drinks. Ahh what a life... yet it killed me. Well worth it in the end though. At one point we had pizza for 2 days in a row straight...

The Infection was my first go at shooting games in general so we did an overall basic theme but still added our own little twists of originality in there, though not that much I spose. We just wanted to keep it fairly normal for the first one.

The Infection

Permalink Posted in Game Releases by Eggy on Sep 3, 2009