First article - Game Making : Criticism

I've decided to write some Articles/Mini Rants on lots of various subjects dealing with things I know about, or just have a strong opinion on or mostly my life and job. The whole point of this is to just vent my ideas and hopefully make you, the reader, stop and actually think about it and look at things from a different angle. And hell, maybe I'll even teach you a thing or two.

The first would be my take on criticism. It fits well with the first topic because I deal with it A LOT and also showing why I don't have comments on the site anymore.

I removed comments on articles like this and games because here on my website, I just wanna show you it. It's not up for debate. I'm simply showing it to you and you take from it what you will. Yes I very much hope you like it more then hate it, but after a while on the internet you get sick of the spammy trolling crap over and over. You get to a point where it's too tiring to see, and having one good comment amongst 5 spam ones isn't worth cleaning by myself. I'd rather an email, if you took the time to email me and say you liked it, then I see it as much more personal and am more grateful. Usually trolls cant bebothered sending emails, so this is a great way. Heck, if you even like this article feel free to send an email saying you agree so I can write more. I just read comments on NG and such where it's easier to see since they are more modded, I do a bit on Kongregate, but not as much since they are more spoilt kids over their. You needa find the better communities. And it's enough for me for one game now.

So, The whole purpose of this is, THINK ABOUT WHAT I SAY. Don't take my word for it. Always question it and apply your own things you've learn't to what I say.

Whenever you make anything in life, you're gonna have to deal with the criticism, and it's harsh and will make you mad. I wish I could say I'm a better person to not get mad over it, but even I sometimes get pushed to the edge. After spending months working on a game only to be told over and over how shit it is, it can hurt and people forget that. But over time I've gotten used to it and you have to if you want to grow as a person. You also start to become a harsh person on comments as they are harsh on you. You stereotype them into either troll/simply mean/helpful criticism. Basically the first 2 options theirs no point even reading what they say. They simply just wanna piss you off. The more successful the game, the more trolls there is.

Over the years I have changed a bit on comment reading. I used to read every single one and couldn't wait to see what they say. I still do love the feedback, but I'm more jaded now. I only need to read a certain amount on my latest project and then I've had enough because of the overwhelming crap and hatred you gotta sift through. Now I'm just loving to create more and just put it out their then leaving my piece to fend for itself. I can't sit their arguing why it's good or bad all day. It's too tiring, and you'll burn out.

You needa learn to let it go and just let people decide for themselfs. I now create for the people that genuinely love to play them, they are the ones you wanna show and enjoy their comments. This is not to say you shouldn't go get criticism, I still do have the people I wanna impress that will always say it's shit, but I know the REASON I make something isn't for them, I have them just to improve and will always value them, but you gotta remember to take it in equal doses.

It's all about balance. If you only take the harsh ones then you'll start to think you really suck and give up on what you started. If you only take the good ones you'll never improve. It's about striking that balance, but most of all it's not even about them at all. You make something cause YOU WANT to make it. Showing everyone else is just the side bonus. You never had to make it in the first place, and they never had to play it. Don't ever forget that. If you start getting angry at what they're saying, simply tell them you're sorry they didn't like what you made, so stop playing it, and hopefully you can impress them better next time.

I've had some people who say my games are shit every single time and I could never work it out, then I release a game that was a specific genre and all of a sudden they loved it. You finally work out these people were never actually open or knew anything, they just wanted what they wanted. It took me all this time to realise they didn't actually fairly rate something I made, they were just biased and wanted something I wasn't giving. So you really needa realise who these people are and just ignore them at times.

That's pretty much the end of my first rant. It's my experiences on it all so far, hey I'm still young. Maybe my view will change later. The moral I really think, is take everything in healthy doses. Never get too angry, but never be too close minded to what people say to you. Just work out who are the people that are worth listening too, and who arn't.

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