Gaming Going Downhill These Days

I'm quite a young person really, I'm 20 years old but that's just the right age to have experienced gaming through it's entire journey. I was playing games at a kid right when they started to flourish from the Atari age just hitting into the N64 age.

I think most people around my age will all agree they don't make games like they used too. I know it sounds like I'm spitting some "old person" dribble that just can't keep up, but everyone knows the gaming industry is really turning it's back on people just for the money these days, and I'm not even mentioning 33% of Xbox360's breaking.

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving games still. Seeing how its evolved and playing the newest updated graphics, seeing a beautiful sky now and water reflection. Physics done to perfection with ragdolls everywhere. Hey, It's great sure, but how come even with all of this stuff in one game you still think...why am I having less fun then Banjo Kazooie? or Mario Kart?

Even I'm trying to get to the root of the problem. Am I just growing up? or are games losing their heart these days. What sequel number we onto now with Final Fantasy? or the 108th Mario game? Where the fucks the originality. If I wanted the same hotdog but covered with shit, I'd just go buy the old one and put my own shit on it. I have to respect Metal Gear Solid for ending it recently. At least they have pride.

I'm sick of every single release being a sequel these days. Gaming companies needa stand the hell up, grow some balls and use their new physic engines and amazing graphics and create something truly new. They're too scared of losing money and will only make copies of things that sell.

Why does every single shooting game have to start with a knife and pistol? Why can't you throw me into a pit of nails and I grab a nail and use that to deflect frickin' laser beams back to escape. Make no sense? sure, but if you heard that, wouldn't you wanna play it just cause it's so wild. How about an adventure game where I don't start as level 1 and have 3 spells that are fire, water and earth. CHANGE IT UP FOR GODS SAKE. Throw me a curveball, surprise me, challenge me, baffle me, make me say - "How the hell do I get past the giant ogre guarding the room with a giant kitchen blender when all I have is a magical rock and 2 potions of sexual desire"

Another thing that's saddening is that 2 player on one console isn't a given like it used to be, you actually have to pay for it and buy a Wii. In the old days, me and a friend would go get a coop game from the video store and stay up all night beating it. Now days if you look, nothing is 2 player and/or coop. It's all online only. Onlines great, but not when you have to sacrifice playing with a friend in the same room. It's losing it's sense of being together.

Their is still some great new games coming out, but you'll find they're more in the indie game scene these days. Things like Braid and Castle Crashers. Heroes of Newerth is made by a smaller gaming company and they respect their players and don't turn their backs on them.

I guess at the end of the day, I'll still be playing whatever comes out. It's what I do ya know, but now my outlooks a bit different. I look through about 20 gaming cases looking for something new and different. Something more fun to let myself get immersed in.

Lets just hope once graphics hit their limit of being improved that gaming companies will be forced to go back and create a truly great world that you can get lost in and ignore your Thai $500/night hooker waiting for you on the bed.

Game on bitches.

Permalink Posted in Articles by Eggy on Jan 15, 2010