FFXIII and Work

Made a new category for this news post for when I cover lots of multiple subjects briefly on what I'm up too. Just like a quick news update to keep you in the loop on what I'm doing lately.

My roommate bought FFXIII on his PS3 and so when hes at work I'm quite addicted to it, already caught up to him :P Pretty great so far, though a bit easy for the puzzle side. Seems they like to hold your hands these days with games by making auto jump so you never fall and big glowing paths where to go. Takes the fun out a bit but also removes getting stuck and frustrated so that's alright I guess.

Started new game : "Stickya Does Acid" It's not gonna be too much like stickya, it's more just he's in it and takes acid then...well thats it, from there on it makes no real sense which is why I love making it. Short comedy mini game levels. Just finished making a pokemon battle level where stickya fights an angry huh?

It's FRICKIN' hot here, and my graphics card in comp keeps overheating...great. So probably buy a new comp off friend. Bout time I got a new one anyways, having trouble running latest games.

Now addicted to watching every episode of Arrested Development.

I think I grew like 2cm?

In other news, aids.

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