Draw-Play 3 Released

Well it's done and out. Draw-Play 3 is out. It's been 2 years since the first one. It was basically one of my first major games that I had no idea would be a success. Back then I wasn't a good programmer and so only now have I improved enough to add erasing and destructible ground. I really had fun making the traps, specially the laser. It's my fav, even though some people are complaining it's a bit hard to get past, but it isn't if you just move quick when it shoots.

I really debated with sprucing it up with colour, but in the end I wanted to keep it true to the same style. It's what I really liked about it. No fancy graphics just plane ol drawing fun. A blank bit of paper to let people get creative themselfs.

Send any levels made that you think are really good to my email and I'll check em out, possible for a player pack but I'm not sure if I will yet.

Anyways hope you all enjoy the last Draw-Play, and hope it ends the trilogy nicely :)

Draw-Play 3

Permalink Posted in Game Releases by Eggy on Sep 3, 2009