Level Made From Drawing

Normally I don't work this way. I don't actually plan much of my stuff on paper. I rather just scribble a notepad of ideas then just go at it! but sometimes I like to do things the nice old fashioned way when you got something in your head. So heres a good example, I drew a level on paper then I programmed the The Last Alive platformer guy in. This was originally going to be a game before I stopped working on it. Maybe one day it will get taken back up, but not for a while so you's mise well check it out. Hopefully this inspires you to make your own level based off a drawing.

Play the engine here (Select level 1. Arrow keys to move) -

Heres my original drawing -


And heres the final version, right click open image for bigger view

Level Finished

Permalink Posted in Unfinished by Eggy on Oct 17, 2013