A major step to making games is to remain optimistic and keep on dreaming. The fact is indie game development is not an easy career to take. In fact most people will end up broke and only keeping it as a hobby. Even though I myself have been successful in the past, it's slowing down a lot now. I will have to evolve a few things with the times like getting onto mobile. Either way that means you have to keep staying optimistic and keep your eye on the prize. If you can forget about the money and just enjoy the game making then you will do a lot better.

Work on an idea you love and slowly build it up from the ground and eventually you will have a great adventure for people to play. None of these great games are done as quick as you think. Just add a little bit each time and don't stress out or put yourself down. You will quickly head towards burnout otherwise. A lot of game devs burn out thinking they can survive on simply heart and mi goreng. Even though you can get pretty far doing this. Trust me, you will hit a wall after a time.

I leave you with this great picture to inspire you. (Right click open image on it for bigger size)


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