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Eggbot vs Zombies Preview of the Weapons

Heres a sneak peak at the awesome weapons I've made in Eggbot vs Zombies. It was really fun to make them and they are turning out really well. The Anti-Grav gun is a personal favourite. I made it make ragdolls but it turned the gravity off for them once hit so they float around as if they're in space. This creates a really cool effect. This game will be out soon on Android and PC.

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Ragdoll Physics Added to Zombie Game

Here we can see my new game I am working on with the added ragdolls and throwing mass grenades at them for fun, normally you would just get 3 grenades, but in this video are are showing off how cool the mass explosions are. The game is really starting to come together, and the physics of the ragdolls look awesome to blow up, creating a lot of fun.

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Standing on There Head

For my new zombie game I'm working on I had an interesting dilemma. Do I allow you to jump on a zombies head? this seemed to make things too easy when the zombie couldn't get to you. So what I did was make the zombies move there hands upwards to attack you when on there head. This allows you to still jump on them as long as you are quick. 

We can see the unity flowchart below where his attack animation an change to moving his arms up, it idles and then goes back down and returns to normal moving forwards with the arms out.

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Working on Zombie Game for Mobile and PC

I'm working on a new zombie game in Unity. The only other shooter I've done like this before was The Infection. So it's fun being able to get into a shooter again. So far I've got the shooting working with raycasts, the zombies explode out blood and gore that will bounce around, like little brains and gooey bits. Who doesn't love carnage eh? 

The game will also feature a weapon shop with a lot of weapons. The idea will be surviving for as long as you can as the waves get harder and harder. However I'm going to mix it up by making the level have a lot of traps around to use on the zombies. 

Don't forget I also released recently my first Unity game Eggys Big Adventure for Web Player and Android

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