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Game Ideas Come From Playing Games

Posted on by Eggy

Sometimes the best way to come up with ideas for a game to make is simply to play them. Play lots of games. You will naturally as a gamer come along a lot of things where you think "This would be better if ____" We have all been there. The thing to do is to think WHY it would be better, what can you learn from this game on how it could be more fun? Remember those ideas and incorporate them into your own games.

As a kid playing platformers I used to always think "Wouldn't it be cool if they added breaking everything" or "being able to make your level more interactive" Of course when you start making games you realise how long that actually takes and no one has time to make every single thing usable. However if it does pave the way to remember that a lot of games are amazing because of small details. Those tiny details can make your game stand out from the others out there.

Go! Play Games! Make Games!