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Newgrounds absorbs previous Tumblr users

Posted on by Eggy

So recently Tumblrs app got removed from the app store for adult content. This of course is pretty bad for a company as big as them as it means huge amounts of money lost. So they quickly took measures and put out a wide sweeping ban on almost all adult content. This is a pretty big brush to paint though which means they have effectively banned hundreds of thousands of users. 

This however was pretty good news for Newgrounds who all the users flocked to to keep posting there adult rated art and content. I find this good myself, Newgrounds does not censor people and are very open. Where as sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are way too politically correct censoring things that they deem "adult" I'm personally against censoring of any form. Even though I keep my games generally G rated to hit a larger audience. I find people should have complete freedom of speech and expression. 

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